Because when you're having fun, it's not wasting time—it's living.

The Sunbather


As a co-founder of music and art collective Soulection, DJ Andre Power is a master of blending artistry with sound. Andre likes to waste his time playing his favorite mix to drown out the Brooklyn noise while imagining he's on a tropical vacation in Bali.

The Best Dressed


With her digital prowess at Bergdorf Goodman and a decade of conquering the fashion scene at Tibi and the Webster, it s clear that Chloe King has mastered the art of dressing. Chloe wastes time each morning piecing together playfully chaotic looks, whether she's heading to a global fashion event or just posing for a selfie at home.

The Chef


Zhan Chen is the Executive Chef in Potluck Club, one of NYC's newest culinary hotspots. But outside the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, he loves to waste time crafting extravagant feasts for his pup Ollie - a furry foodie in his own right. While some may raise an eyebrow at this, Zhan never misses out on the chance to spoil his four-legged friend.

The Color Coder


Elizabeth Sweetheart, aka the "Green Lady" of Brooklyn, has been rocking lime green for two colorful decades. To her, green is happiness and a way of life. Elizabeth wastes her time transforming her world into a verdant wonderland, passionately filling her home and wardrobe with the color she loves most.

Waste More Time

Because when you're having fun, it's not wasting time it's living.